Privacy Policy

Evil Grog Games GmbH, called „we“ in the following, takes the handling of your data very seriously and protects your privacy. This Privacy Policy will give you insights into which data will be collected on our websites and mobile apps and to which third parties we send it to. In the later case the Privacy Policies of those third parties apply.

The accountable party regarding the „Bundesdatenschutzgesetz“ is Evil Grog Games GmbH, Pfinztalstr. 90, 76227 Karlsruhe-Durlach, Germany.

1.) Collection and usage of personal data

1.1.) We save your IP-address and technical data, e.g. version of your browser, anonymously when you connect to one of our websites. This data is used for statistical evaluations.

1.2) After registering for our forums ( we will save your IP-address, the time you've been online, your username, forum threads and private messages. Furthermore we save and encrypt your password in a way that it's impossible to draw any conclusions on your original password.

The forums also save a so called “cookie” on your computer. This file will be used to identify you later-on and save preferences. We exclusively access cookies set by us. Additionally, you can delete cookies and prohibit usage of cookies in your browser preferences. Refer to the browser manual to get more information.

The data is saved to be able to identify you when you return to the forums and display personalized information and grant you access to your threads and private messages. Theses user-information will not be sent to third parties. If you want to revoke your permission, you can delete your account via the forum itself and all data will be deleted.

1.3) While using our mobile apps, we collect data on user-behavior and technical attributes of your device. We are using Unity Analytics to do so and the data will be send to Unity Technologies, 345 Broadway Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States. You can revoke your approval anytime by uninstalling the app from your device.

The mobile apps will be distributed via an app market-place and require an account on said platform. Data collected in this regard lies out of our responsibility. Please contact the according companies and read up on their data policies.

2.) Sending personal data to third parties

2.1) There won't be any data sent while using our websites or forums.

2.2) When using our mobile apps the following data might be transferred to third parties:

2.3) Additionally, we might have to send data when it's necessary for prosecution or public safety. Should we receive a judicial order to give out information you will be notified.

3.) Data security

Evil Grog Games GmbH will meet all reasonable safety precautions to minimize the risk of unauthorized third parties accessing or manipulating your data. All data will be transferred encrypted using SSL and only authorized personnel of our company will have access to it. We can't guarantee the safety of your data sent to third parties.

4.) Changes

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy and our Websites and Apps. We will notify you in appropriate form.

5.) Deletion, information and revocation

You can contact us at any time to receive information on your data or request its deletion.

If you want to revoke the permission to collect and share your data, you can request its deletion as long as it doesn't contradict contract terms or violates the law.

Naturally you can always contact us if you have further questions or feedback on the topic of data protection.

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